Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor day is on the first Monday of September each year.

The history of Labor Day is in 1884. People got so mad that they were working so much that they started a protest. The person that made this holiday was Peter J. McGuire. This holiday was established in Chicago. The congress declared in 1894 that this holiday would be on the first Monday of September every year. On September 5, 1882 about 10,000 workers walked down streets to promote the first Labor Day parade. After a couple years of this happening this happened all over the United States, more and more people were parading down streets.

The symbols of Labor Day are the American Flag because they represent the men and women who work for our country

On Labor Day some towns have parades, go to the lake, celebrate that it’s close to the end of summer!! Another is also getting the day off from work or school.


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  1. julio Says:

    I love your pictures but why can’t you wear white on Labor Day?

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