New Year’s

On December 30 is New Year’s Eve, people celebrate the New Year and what they will improve for that year. New Year’s is the oldest of all holidays and was started in Babylon 4000 years ago.  People in New York celebrate the New Year with parties and big celebrations.  It was started when the first new moon after the Vernal Equinox or the first day of spring.  On New Year’s there is a parade called “The Tournament of Roses” a competition with flowers. What started in Greece about 600bc was a baby in a basket. In English we say “Happy New Year’s” in Spanish you say “Feliz Año Nuevo”.  A baby in a basket symbolizes the New Year.  In big cities there are also some fireworks.


8 Responses to “New Year’s”

  1. Halie Says:

    When New Year’s comes around Im usually at my grandmas having a big dinner with Family.
    I love new Years its a new year but the years go by so fast

  2. !~Ashleigh~! Says:

    New Years is a really fun time and I always go to parties and have fun and stay up until midnight. I always make New Years resolutions and try to keep them… New Years is a very fun Holiday..!

  3. Alicia Says:

    Some people also do the whole New Year resolution thing, for example someone might vow not to drink pop as much or not eat meat. They just set a goal to start the New Year off right.

  4. Berkley Says:

    On New Years Eve it is also a tradition for some people to watch the Ball drop on T.V. Some people also like to make New Year resolutions. We miss school on this day also because it is part of our Christmas break.

  5. Katrina Says:

    I love New Years. I usually go to a Spanish dance in a town close to us with my family, but if not, my mom and I go to my grandma’s house to spend it with her.

  6. *john* Says:

    New Years is a holiday were I get together with my family and we have fun and just have a big party!

  7. Michelina Says:

    On New Years I like to watch the ball drop
    on TV. Someday I want to go to New York for New Years.
    I think it would be fun.

  8. Raymond Says:

    On new years eve i stay up till new years, and i might have wine too; while i watch the ball drop on the tv. :):)

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