Steever Water Park and Tennis Courts

The Goodland public swimming pool is called Steever Water Park.  There are two water slides, a wading pool, and a large main pool with a diving board.  During breaks you can buy snacks.  Steever Water Park, also, offers swimming lessons.  Swimming is a fun thing to do in the summer.

In Goodland, there are four sets of tennis courts.  Because of the weather we can’t play tennis all year long.  We can usually play between about April and October.  Tennis is always an enjoyable sport for many people.


4 Responses to “Steever Water Park and Tennis Courts”

  1. Saul Barreto Says:

    I´m agree that swimming is fun, I swim all the days :). The swimming lessons are free or they have a cost?

  2. Janeth Says:

    Hi Saul.! The swimming lessons do cost money but not a lot. But over the summer people can go swim just for fun and it cost $3.00 for kids younger than five i think i cant remember the exact age, but on fridays its only $1.00 for everyone no matter what age.

  3. liliana Martinez Says:

    i think the pool part looks really cool and fun i wish i could have one of those at my school. Does it works only in summer or how does it works.?

  4. Brianna Says:

    Yes, the pool is only open during the summer. It also depends on the weather. If its raining the pool is usually closed that day. Also, I agree that it costs $1.00 on Fridays but for really young kids it is free everyday.

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