Sugar Hills Golf Course

The Sugar Hills Golf Course is an 18-hole golf course, the only one between Denver and Hays. Leo Schisler established the course.  The Golf Course is a private one. The number is 785-890-2785 and the address is 6450 Rd.16. The Golf Course has a driving range, pro shop, clubhouse, dining room, golf carts, and other amenities. There are many different memberships you can get: Family Membership, Single Membership, Out of Area Membership, Student Membership, College Membership, Social Membership, and Corporate Membership. There are many tournaments at Sugar Hills Golf Course. Two of the biggest ones are Sweet Swinger and the Slice of Life.


8 Responses to “Sugar Hills Golf Course”

  1. Mario Says:

    I think this field is one of the most complete to have driving range, pro shop, clubhouse, dining room, golf carts, among other things, which I can play golf comfortably.

  2. Allan Says:

    I like the field, I think that the golf courses has a lot of services, and I think that it is good for Kansas

  3. Roberto Says:

    I think that is really important that “Sugar Hills Golf Course” has a good treatment of their field , like in the green that needs a special treatments of the grass because this piece of the field must be thiner and with much more cares that the other parts, so the ball could move easily. Also I thinks that the “Sugar Hills Golf Course” is good because has a lot of trees and plants that helps our enviroment.
    Even they have a really good green area for golf it would not be complete if the do not had good services that’s the reason of their good services like clubhouse, dinning room, golf cars, proshop and other things. that will make your visit comfortable.

  4. liliana Martinez Says:

    Does everyone can enter to the golf course.?

  5. liliana Martinez Says:

    Does he golf course have a price or something like that.?

  6. Garrett Says:

    Yes, anyone can enter the course but you have to pay for either just 9 wholes or 18 wholes.

  7. Raymond Says:

    I’ve never golfed before.

  8. Brook Says:

    The course is really nice.

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