Van Gough Sunflower Painting

The project began in 1996. Cameron Cross, a teacher of Altona, Canada, decided to paint large replicas of Vincent Van Gough’s seven sunflower paintings. His goal was to have one on each continent. The third one of the paintings was to be placed in Goodland. For Goodland, Cross decided on a large hand painting that Vincent Van Gough made. The painting is a version of “3 Sunflowers In A Vase”, one of the seven sunflower paintings that Van Gough made back in the late 1880’s. It is resting on an enormous easel, which has become a landmark for the city. After it was all finished it was 80 ft tall. The supports were sunk 35 ft into the ground. The painting and the easel were erected in June of 2001.  It is now the world’s largest easel located along a US Interstate at West 16th Street in Goodland, Kansas.


7 Responses to “Van Gough Sunflower Painting”

  1. Mario Says:

    It’s amazing what the painter wanting to publicize one of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh, and give a special touch making it a larger scale, and what better than one of the paintings is in Goodland.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yes, the painting really adds a special touch to Goodland. It really is amazing how this project got started and ended up in Goodland.

  2. Saul Barreto Says:

    Now, how many paintings does Cameron Cross have complete?

  3. Allan Says:

    Hi I’m from Mexico, and I think that is an interesting picture, and it is so nice

    • Connor Says:

      Yes, It is very interesting isnt it. I was surprised when I read about all the information too.

  4. liliana Martinez Says:

    hey im from Mexico too an i think that painting its amazing and i really like it.

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